Traumatic things when walking to campus

I only have a 5 minute walk to campus, but I seem to have traumatic experiences. OK, that was a bit of a dramatic word to choose, but it is weird how often my walk goes from normal to strange.

There was the time the girl got her foot crushed under a steel plate in the road on the first day of classes. The occasional cross-dressing or naked guy running for Craccum editor (the University magazine). I can't think of others but I know there are some!

Today, however, I was pooped on by a bird. I'm used to it; happened a lot last year on my field trip to the gannet colony. I hope that it is "good luck" like they say, and not that I have bad luck for getting pooped on by a bird. a good portion of the projectile feces hit my glasses, that wasn't so nice. Luckily there was no one passing to see it! Wait...did that use up my good luck?

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