I am a marine biologist!

I finished all of my exams today at 4:30pm. I am pretty sure I did well in all of my courses, despite the Tommy Boy scene that always plays through my head when I walk out of that last exam:

"Oh my God, D+... I passed! I'm gonna graduate! ...I wish we knew each other, this is a little awkward."

4 years of university education later I can say that my childhood ambitions are now reality. Not many people can say they became what they wanted to be as kids. It still hasn't sunk in that I have my Bachelors degree now (well, when they've finished marking exams and give out grades). Now I can go into the world and put what I've learned to practice -- but not too much unless I do my MSc...which is on the agenda.

This blog will change from "Life in New Zealand" to "Life in Norway"...stay tuned!

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