Scary Run

Yesterday I decided to take a break before I had dinner to go for a run though the park. I usually run through here and have been particularly using a long, semi-steep hill to train my legs for the Stoltzen Opp in September.

ANYWAYS, when I was looping through the wooded trail to get back for another lap up the hill, I thought I'd try going down this other side trail that I hadn't used before. It looked like it had been walked on frequently so I figured it would lead back to the main trail. But it came to a dead end. There was a tarp and garbage bag fashioned into a tent and I stopped for not even 3 secons and saw a hand reach out from behind it. I was so scared that I turned around and ran away as fast as I could.

I never thought I'd run into a hobo-hut on one of my numerous runs through the Auckland Domain! SCARY!!

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