You can call me Fjord Viking

Today I revisited the race which was my first half marathon. One of the races that started it all. I was there for two things: get a new PR on the course and become a Fjord Viking.

Marius dropped me off and we took a quick look at the sports expo (not super impressive), and then I rushed outside to start warming up. We were really lucky with blue sky and warm temps...well sorta lucky. I really don't like running in the heat because I need more water. More water stops = slower finish.

Marius cheered me on at the start and then had to go because he has a soccer game today too. Between the 4th and 5th kilometer, I saw Marius' car driving towards me with the sunroof open and he was holding a little American flag out of the roof of his car. I got a good kick of adrenaline then, but then I was really starting to struggle.

Bigger races have more runners, which also usually means more people cheering. It's amazing how much cheering pumps you up when you're racing. So I was struggling in the energy department and burned out from yesterday's 10k. I kept and eye on two other runners and used them as a marker to try to motivate myself.

I crossed the finish line 1 hour 52 mins and 32 seconds. Not my best time, but the first time I ran a half marathon was at this race and my finish then was 2 hours and 7 minutes. I was pretty pleased.

I walked around a little bit to enjoy the events they had at the stadium. There was a skateboarder doing some stunts with kids and a local band. I collected my medal and prize inside the sports hall. Yes, that's right, I got a prize! I got a mizuno duffle bag labeled FjordViking for completing the 10.7km trail race, 10km and half marathon.

I am a fjord viking! I looked up my results for the Fjord Viking series and found that I came in 23rd overall, 2nd place for women and 1st in my age group (1st of 1 participant haha)

Results: 1:52.32

Overall: 156 (out of 349)

In gender: 27 (out of 110)

Age group (W23-34): 9 (out of 26)

Fjord Viking result: 2nd place woman, 23rd overall, 1st in age group..of one

[steep running when bridges are involved[

[I am a Fjord Viking!]

[Mandatory post-race selfie]

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