Stoltzen Opp - 5 years later Race Report

A last minute decision to run the Bergen famous Stoltzekleiven Opp...

An email was sent around to the Institute asking if anyone else wanted to join Team Fisken ("the Fish") and run the Stoltzen Opp since they had some left over spaces available. I decided 'why not', and went for it. 

I did not properly prepare for the race, in my opinion. After a busy summer I crammed in training for the Fjord Viking and then was sent on a survey for two weeks in the Barents Sea. The best way I could think of training up for Stoltzen was doing some hard spinning for half an hour. I ended up doing three 10-minute intervals at least every other day.

I hopped on the bus Friday morning 50 minutes before race start not knowing who the guy I was supposed to get my bib from. I got off the bus and had to book it uphill to Fjellveien and then run to the start - I figured it was a nice 20 minute warm up. I was taking this race waaaayy too lightly since I had very low expectations of myself having been away at sea for two weeks with insufficient training.

I finally got my bib 10 minutes before my start and a team tshirt. I jogged around trying to find the spot where you can get your gear sent up to the top in a car, but no luck. Looks like I'd be running up this mountain with a full pack.

The runners are released in 10 second intervals. I had to jump the line to get to my spot and then...5...4...3...2...1...go!

I felt like I started out in a good pace, but then came the stairs. Stoltzen is pretty much all stairs up and my legs were burning! I managed to pass three people ahead of me and didn't feel extremely winded...just very tired in my legs.

[Man, gotta lose that survey weight!]
I finished in 16 minutes 53 seconds. Only three seconds worse than I did the first and only other time I raced Stoltzen (16:50). I figured if I hadn't had my pack I could have possibly beat my time by at least one second. Still satisfied with my finish considering I ran with a pack and only trained for about two weeks (and on a boat). Perhaps next year I'll actually PR.

[Team Fisken BIL]

ÅrAnalyseTidMellomtid 1Mellomtid 2Mellomtid 3Sluttid
2016Kalkulator16:53 (1066 m/h)02:51 (1052 m/h, 98 %)07:57 (05:06, 1117 m/h, 104 %)14:47 (06:50, 1009 m/h, 94 %)16:53 (02:06, 1142 m/h, 107 %)
2011Kalkulator16:50 (1069 m/h)02:34 (1168 m/h, 109 %)07:40 (05:06, 1117 m/h, 104 %)14:37 (06:57, 992 m/h, 92 %)16:50 (02:13, 1082 m/h, 101 %)

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