Update from the Barents Sea

With the 6-on-6-off shifts, it's hard to remember how many days have passed and which day of the week it is, but I think it was the day before yesterday when I finally got some sunshine and saw some whales and dolphins!

We have had cloudy skies the whole survey period except for this one day. Meanwhile, in Bergen, record high temperatures have been set all week as one last week of summer visited the city that also set records in July for the rainiest July on record.

This particular day we finally had some bits of sun. Mostly cloudy, however, I saw a chance to put on my winter coveralls and sit outside for a few minutes. I saw a few fin whales in the distance, likely feasting on krill. I only saw the plume of mist when they surfaced. On the opposite end of the boat a small pod of dolphins was getting closer. One got close enough that I thought the picture would turn out way better than it did. Still need to share. It was the best day at sea!

We only have five more sampling stations to go; each station is about 3.5 hours of transit in between. We will use two days to get back to Tromsø from the last station, so there will be a couple of days of down time. I'm looking forward to getting home!

[Happy with some sun, even though it was freezing outside. I would guess around 40 deg F]

[See the dolphin in this one? Follow the wave out and you'll see the little dolphin]
[The dolphin that was "close" to the boat is just behind the outer generated wave from the boat...
Right in the middle of the picture... see it?]

[Closest we have gotten to Bjørnøya. We were hopeful to make a stop but were told there was no time and it would be dark]

[Blue skies and sea gulls]

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