Missed updating stuff on here from August, but it was very busy! My month of vacation after completing my degree :)

We went to the US from Oslo via Brussels and Toronto. We landed in Toronto, and were picked up by Mom and Dad after numerous customs checks. Driving over the border was another experience - 30+ minutes of questioning and even a vehicle search! But we got home and Carolyn made us a great scallop dinner. The second night home a few good friends from high school came over. It is always nice that every time I go home I can be sure that they will stop by to say hello and catch up. The first week home was reserved for my best friend Katie's wedding. It was a lot of fun and a great kick off to our vacation...and Marius was the belle of the ball!

After the wedding we spent a couple of days with my Mom's side in the Grand Rapids area. But Marius was mostly excited about seeing Florida. We flew into Fort Lauderdale and Divya met us there. We rented a couple of cars and drove to the Keys. We camped two nights at Big Pine Fishing Lodge and the following two nights at Bahia Honda State Park. We snorkeled and visited Key West during our time in the Keys. Aunt Janine and Uncle Jerry joined us down there for the last two days as well. And the final few days in Florida were spent with cousin Jennifer and Shawn in Fort Myers. Marius became very excited about potentially living in Florida! I think Divya enjoyed this alternative US vacation with the Diaz family :)

[Key deer at our campsite on Big Pine]
[Divya and the gators]
[Family Photo on Sanibel Island - The Diaz side]
[Drinks at Hog's Breath Saloon]
[Group picture on the Old Bahia Honda Bridge]
[Bahia Honda]
The final part of our North American vacation was an overnight in Toronto. We managed to sneak 5 of us in a suite - Mom felt pretty sneaky! We walked around the Distillery District and the next day Marius and I went up the CN Tower (flippin expensive at $32 per person!). I would write more details about the whole trip, but the people reading this already know what we did on vacation ;) 

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