Morning skiing

[Attempting skate skiing]
[Marius is powering up the hill!]

Had a good ski trip with Marius Saturday morning, and in the end we were visited by goats!
We got home around noon and Marius liked the new regime of getting up early. He said he felt like he had already done very much with his day. We gave the apartment a good thorough cleaning and worked on the kitchen knowing that Sunday could be for relaxing and working on school/work stuff...but not really.

[The goats at Totland ski loop - this year they had babies!]
[Cozy Saturday night with knitting, tea, chocolate and raisins]
This morning (Sunday) I woke up to make some coffee and grabbed a box cutter to collapse an empty box to be taken outside. I managed to slice my finger tip, so I reached up to grab an napkin for the blood, but woke up on the floor! There were some blood puddles and I let out a scream. I didn't know how long I was passed out for. Marius came running to the rescue! He wiped up the blood and called the doctor to see find out what to do since I was just laying on the floor. I'm fine now, but it's amazing how the body reacts to the smallest injuries like stubbing your toes and a cut on a finger. Good news is, for now we don't think it was bad enough to need stitches :) What a wild morning! Have to finish off being 23 with some more drama, of course hahaha

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