The Running Project

[Destination 1: Raglan]

So this is the start to my little project I'm going to do for my final semester in New Zealand. Since I run quite a bit each week, I'll map the distance and write a little blurb about the town related to the distance from Auckland that I will have run that week. Obviously I'm not running around New Zealand, but it's a nice way to inform readers about the beautiful country. So this is my travel guide to New Zealand based on how much I run. Follow the black line down the map and each featured destination will have a purple dot.

Since I'm starting this quite late in my running journey, I started with since I started mapping and tracking my runs daily - so January 8. From January 8th to February 8th I ran a total of 155 kilometers (I think it's more, but I'm not positive). That distance is enough to get to Raglan, which is the biggest town in the area.

Raglan is known as a great place to surf. Many families also go there for a weekend camping getaway. Marius and I went there on our little North Island road trip, and since they charge per person at these holiday parks, we decided to sneak me in without paying (bad, I know). So if you're headed south from Auckland and doing a loop around the North Island, I recommend a night in Raglan at the holiday park and end the evening watching the sunset from the beach.

[Me at Raglan - January 2010]

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