Just keep swimming.

A little update with what has been happening on the other end of the earth. I'm constantly researching for my science classes, which I thoroughly enjoy! I have a bit of a cold and it has moved from my head to my lungs now. I go to the gym six days a week and my exercise routines have been significantly lighter than the usual because of it. I would just stay home, but I need to keep on track. I love my new routine!

The research I'm doing is very basic; just reading scientific journals and talking to professors. The presentation will be eight minutes on the effects of underwater sound on fish. So far I have found out that it plays a role in guiding pelagic post-larval fish and crustaceans to settlement habitats in reefs. Sorry if that was like reading Chinese to some of you. I have been contacting my Marine Science professor from last semester, John Montgomery, about his research on the matter. He is published in a few scientific journals.

How do you like the new layout? I thought I would change it around a little bit. Keep people interested in my babble. Well, off to learn about Antarctica!

[photo from Piha beach a few weeks ago taken by Eike (from Germany) of me and Borghild]

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