Busy week ahead!

On Thursday night I had a Comparative Animal Biology mid-term exam. Monday I have an abstract for my project due. It only needs to be 300 words but it is so difficult to explain something in that small amount of space. I would much rather write 1500 words! Then on Wednesday my essay for Antarctica is due. The research question is:

Describe the origins and nature of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and discuss how climactic change might be affecting its dynamics. Include in your essay a description of the two major components of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and discuss various lines of evidence relating to how they might be affected by climate warming and what the consequences of this warming might be.

HOT DAMN! That's a mouthful! And finally on Thursday I have a mid-term exam for International Business. It will be interesting. The whole lecture hour is pretty much "this is why America sucks." I realize that it's just the reality of international business with the United States being a world leader and it usually doesn't bother me, but still deep down inside I'm sick of it. But after this week it will be mid-semester break (2 weeks off!). During which time, since I'm still waiting on immigration to give me back my visa, there will be a girls' camping weekend down at Lake Taupo. My friend is loaning us her tent and we're just going to grab a spot and do some day hikes and hang out around Taupo for a few days. Should be fun! I really hope I can start working soon though...I really need to bring in some money for my next visa application since I could only apply for one semester at the moment.

I played soccer today with my friends for the first time in a few months. I have really lost my touch! I'm really predictable too, but the mates are still always impressed. They're a great bunch of guys and we have heaps of fun every time. It's about midnight now and I'm so tired. Off to bed to get up around 8 probably and continue my assignments and hit up the gym.

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