Fire Hazard

Saturday morning a group of us woke up early to head out to Muriwai Beach and enjoy the sunshine. Sadly there wasn't much sunshine most of the day but it was still nice. Borghild and I were able to catch some rays at least, but it's not noticeable. A couple guys surfed, but the waves were really bad and it was hard for them to get up more than twice. It was still a nice relaxing day at the beach.

It is now mid-semester break. Yesterday, Borghild came over all day and since it was pouring rain we sat on the couch and watched movies and just relaxed. That night I fell into a nice sleep...that is until about 4AM when the fire alarms started going off. I couldn't even hear the alarms in my room! That's the scary part. Eike opened my door and that's what woke me up. The six of us flatmates went down the eight floors of stairs and saw three fire trucks outside. There was no sign of smoke. Everyone who evacuated did not seem very smart and stood right outside the main doors. What if there actually was a huge fire?!

After waiting outside in the rain for about five minutes we were allowed back inside. While waiting for the lift I asked one of our flatmates: "Beau, did you try to light one of your farts on fire again?" We then found out that someone decided to smoke inside their flat and then cover up the smell with perfume. Brilliant.

I am now too scared to sleep with my door closed if none of my flatmates are home. That was once interesting night.

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