Sunrise Hike

This morning I woke up around 5:30 to have some eggs, toast and coffee before I headed out to enjoy a morning hike up our local mountain, Ulriken, which stands about 640 m above sea level (approx. 2099 ft). I left the house a little after 6, and it was really nice to be the first one up the mountain. There was no one around until I was on my way back down (which was around 7:30). I was fast on the way up, but I'm always quite slow going down because I'm not very sure-footed and I need to strengthen those muscles for walking down. The sun was shining and the temperature felt like it was around 50 degrees F. The rain is supposed to come in this afternoon by the bucket-loads, so I'm happy that I got out of bed for this hike. 

Only 3 weeks left until my thesis is rest for the weary!

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