17 Mai and long weekend

[Of course there would be a viking ship]

[Norwegian flag of fruit -- haha]
Friday was Norway's national day "17 Mai" / "Søttende Mai". Marius and I had breakfast before we walked to the city to see everyone in town. People were dressed in their bunads (national dress), and we met a few of Marius' old classmates to say hello. We took it easy in the afternoon, and just did some work since it was raining. Saturday, on the other hand, was great weather! Sunshine, clear skies, and about 70 degrees!

I knew there was no hope that I would actually manage to get any work done on the first sunny weekend we've had in a while so we bought some lumber and a couple of plants, and we built ourselves a flower box. It turned out really nice. We bought a raspberry plant to have in it, I planted my half grown green pepper, Marius added some raddish seeds, there was a daisy that we transplanted, and a yellow flower (I forgot the name) that can hold up to winter. I also rearranged the flowerbed against the wall of our building and put the daffodils in a row, and two more winter-hardy flowers. Our yard looks really nice now. Knut also came over for some BBQ that evening.

[Our new veggie/flower box (top and bottom right), hopefully with some berries, more peppers, and raddishes; and my improvised BBQ planter from a rusty bbq (bottom left)]

[Chicken skewers on the BBQ -- we need a lawn table and chairs now]

This morning I woke up at 6:30 with a sore back, so at 7:30 I was ready to do something. I convinced Marius to wake up and go for a hike up Ulriken with me. When we got to the top we enjoyed some coffee, bananas, and pastry that Marius made last week. The summer-like spring weekend was great! Now only 11 days until my thesis is due!!

[Very gorgeous day in Bergen - our two days of summer]

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