Just an update

It has been a while since I wrote, so I thought I would just put up a little weather update. Weather is a major conversation topic in Norway. Spring has finally arrived to Bergen! The forecast shows sunshine for all next week (but this can't really be trusted so many days before).

Yesterday (Saturday), Marius and I spent the day downtown to see what was going on. There was a marathon, a farmers market (kinda), and all the shops were having sales. At the farmers market we sampled all that we could and decided to treat ourselves to some fancy feta. Today we will take a hike since there are clear blue skies.

In thesis news - my supervisors are going to extend my time on the survey cruise by an additional 6 days. I will start out on one boat with one supervisor, and then half way through, there is an inter-calibration day where all of the vessels meet in the middle of the ocean and calibrate their gear. They will lower me down on a small boat from one ship and put me on the other for the next part of the survey. This vessel has the sonar equipment that I will be working with.

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