Pelagic Fjord Cruise

Thursday to Saturday morning I was aboard the Håkon Mosby, a ship collaborated with the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and the University of Bergen.

[Seagulls waiting for us to dump the sample]

Thursday, we took the bus up to Masfjordnes to meet the H. Mosby. We were taken to the vessel via a small orange boat that was then connected to a rope and we were lifted out of the water to get aboard. That was a treat! I will try to upload the video when it is available from my professor.

When we got on board and settled after the safety briefing, we sorted through a bottom trawl sample. We were then given baskets of multisample trawls to sort, weigh and measure the fish, shrimp and krill. At 12:30AM we finished our samples for the day and were allowed to go to bed once we had rinsed the floor. The next day began at 7:30 with breakfast before another 10 hours of sampling trawls. The final trawl, a bottom trawl, was the most diverse (and most interesting). There was a type of invertebrate that was called (translated from Norwegian) 'Priest's Dick'. There were also some sharks, a skate, havmus (seamouse = very poisonous), shrimp, and a few fish species including pollack. In other samples during the day, we cought some fish that were given to the ship cook who served it for dinner. It was REALLY good! Good reason for taking cruises is the fresh fish for dinner!

[Anemone, starfish, sea cucumber, and the "Priest's Dick"]

Did not get the best sleep on board, but back in Bergen now. And on Monday I go back to Espegrend Biological Station to do two weeks of labwork for another course.


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