Marine Fauna Field Course - 3

Day 3: Sponge Day!!!
[My hydrozoa]
Identified a hydrazoa (beautiful!) and watched it 'attack' my pointer. I also filmed a barnacle - may sound like a boring thing to take a video of, but they're actually kind of cool to watch. (See below)

After lunch the sponge dredge came in, and we took a look at the different sponges with help from the local sponge expert.
[Looking at local sponges]

Tonight's dinner was skolest (a very ugly fish) that was caught on the Masfjorden cruise by the other group; served with potatoes and carrots. Very tasty!

Also, winter is on its was so cold when I went running today that I could see my breath as soon as I stepped out the door! That's what happens at 60°N.

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