Cabin Weekend

This past weekend, Marius and I flew to Oslo to spend time with his parents at their new cabin near Dokka (about 50km from Lillehamer). The construction had just finished, so we helped put together beds and do other small things around the cabin.

The weather was VERY nice on Saturday. The second and last day of summer, according to Tron. We used the day for a nice hike with the dog. And when we got back, we enjoyed some coffee, chocolate and fruit before getting back to constructing the beds.

Sunday was raining, but that was alright because I was able to catch up on all of my readings. The whole weekend was a nice getaway, and I'm looking forward to going back for skiing.

Today, Marius was busy with a conference, so his parents gave me a mini Oslo tour, including: the new ski jump, Frogner Park, City Hall and some others.

Thank you, Tron and Rigmor for such a lovely weekend.

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