Week One

One week done and I'm already hard into the books. Just taking a study break right now from reading Geomorphology and River Management. Being very productive with my schedule so far. Get up and have some breakfast, talk to Marius during that time and then head off to class (sometimes I'll squeeze in some reading before the first lecture), then get home and make some dinner before heading to the gym. Yadda yadda yadda...

I am also happy to report that my kids (the four x-ray tetras - Morten, Morten, Stevie Wonder, and Chum - and one pleco - Norman) are alive and very healthy after about five months of living in my tank that does not have a filter and they swim in city water that is very chlorinated. The one casualty happened back in January with the passing of Large Marge. While Marius and I were on our road trip she died and my flatmates did the honors of giving her a ride on the porcelain express (the toilet).

The only downside to my classes so far has been that in my Data Analysis class (Statistics), instead of using a graphing calculator they use a computer program called 'R'. I have no idea how to use this or even what it is, so I will have to start taking extra time to go to a tutorial on how to use this program that only computer geeks could decipher. Mom, have you heard of this program?

Back to my tea and Friday night studying. Ta!

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