Is it really December?

It is 22.5 degrees C, so 72 degrees F here and yet it's December 3rd. On Queen Street there is a huge Santa and reindeer on the side of a building. It is creepy even though last year it winked and the finger moved. It doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm trying to get more in the holiday spirit, but it's hard with the summer weather. I play some Christmas music and my flatmates yell at me that it's still too early and last night I watched "Christmas Vacation."

The other night my flatmates and I went to Danny Doolan's, a bar that has live music. The next morning I found out that about a half hour after I went back home Green Day grabbed a guitar and played. I'm not sure if I believe it or not, but if it's really true then I was probably inches away from them and didn't even realize it.

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