Getting Brown

Had some days off from work at Kathmandu so I'm enjoying the nice weather while I have the time off. Wednesday I went to Mission Bay with Scylla (Brazilian) to visit Eike (German) at his work. He let us go out on the paddle boat for free and we got to get tan. That night I got an email from a local whale watching company that they are hiring. So I gave them my resume and I hope to hear back from them soon. Getting a job for that company would not only be fun, but look good for a start on my resume.

Today I walked along the harbor to the different marinas to price out scuba certification. I saw a penguin swimming alongside where I was walking. It was really cool. I almost always see some sort of marine animal when I walk along the harbor; usually jellyfish and now penguin. Later, I went to Muriwai with Eike and Frank. The waves weren't too huge, but enough for me to body surf and have fun on the boogie board.

It's now 9:35PM and I'm cooking some corned beef that should last me for three to five days. Summer is very nice and relaxing, but this weather makes it difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. Saturday is Christmas in the Park (Auckland Domain). There will be a concert with some popular kiwi bands and fireworks in the end. Hopefully I can get some good pictures.

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