In the Memphis airport

Hey all!

Sitting in the Memphis airport wasting some time before my flight to Los Angeles. Then once I'm on the plane in L.A., I'll only have 15 hours until I'm back in Auckland, New Zealand. I'll be finishing my degree there. I will have a double major in Biology and Marine Science after another two years. This is very exciting, though I will miss everyone heaps. When I was laying in bed last night, it finally hit me that I won't see people for a long time. This whole thing is very bittersweet. My old friend, Nathan, told me that of all his friends I was by far doing the coolest thing. It's so nice to know how much support I have from everyone. I know that I'll be keeping in touch with everyone as much as possible, and if you send me your address then I will get a postcard out to you as soon as possible.

I will continue updating my blog. I love you all lots and hope to come home next Christmas. If you're interested in visiting New Zealand, just shoot me an email and I can send some recommendations and even try to keep some space open at my flat for a visitor if you need to save some money.

Well, I'm off to Los Angeles. Cheers!

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