Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad, today is your 50th birthday! Happy birthday, you old fart. I hope it is a good one and I'm sad I am not there to celebrate with you. I took my weekly walk to Mission Bay yesterday morning. It was nice and sunny when I started walking and then on the way back, out of nowhere, came heaps of rain! I walked into my apartment soaked to the bone. It was refreshing at least. In other news, last night some friends had a theme party. We were supposed to dress up as pirates, but I didn't feel like trying to put together a pirate costume I wore all blue and put some green streamers around my neck - I was "Davey Jones Locker," also known as the ocean. I was quite a hit.

Today I am continuing my research for one of my courses today. It is on fish behaviour with underwater sound. Fact of the day - fish make sounds, mostly for mating rituals. Here's some pictures from my walk to Mission Bay. It's a four-hour walk, round trip. This is a view from the beach of Mt. Rangitoto in the background...it was a bit windy yesterday.

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