Vacation Down South

Going to the South Island for Mid-semester/Easter break. Original plan was to road trip all around NZ for the whole two weeks of break but complications with money made us lose the two other people who were splitting the car costs. it's just me and Lisa going on this trip. We are flying from Auckland to Christchurch tomorrow (April 8), then renting a car and driving from Christchurch to Queenstown on April 9. We will spend the next 4 days in Queenstown doing as much as we can. Then we will drive back to Christchurch on the 14th and fly back to Auckland on the 15th. I am excited to see other parts of New Zealand besides for Auckland...don't get me wrong, I love this city but I'm ready to explore after being here 6 weeks. Don't worry about me Mom and Dad! Just because I don't post for a week doesn't mean I've died. Love you!

Oh, and here's pictures of me and some more of my friends at a get-together this past weekend. First one is me and Juli, from Germany (aka "Big Sister"). The next one is me, Frank (Chinese/Kiwi/Sven's flatmate), and Max (German law student). Cheers!

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