So I thought I'd add this now while it's on my mind. Because I'm the foreigner people have me repeat words to make fun of my accent and compare. One of the things that I comment on a lot is how people say MacDonalds rather than McDonalds even though it is still spelt McDonalds. We get into a fun debate. I tell them how I think it should be pronounced and justify this because of the fact that it is originally an American restaurant. The common response is that only America says it like that and every other country says Mac. They think it's strange that we call it Mickey D's.

Another accent mix up was when I was asking a couple friends if they knew of any pawn shops in town...they thought I said porn shop at first and got totally weirded out and gave me a funny look. I explained and then they said both of the words consecutively and with their accents both words sounded the same. We had a pretty good laugh.

I know there's some other debates about words and slang, but I can't think of all of them. I think I remember James telling me that tubing is called rubber biscuits here...weird.

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