Scandinavia roadtrip: part 1, Oslo and Gothenburg

I realized I never wrote about Mom and Dad's visit back in the beginning of September. They were here from September 2-11. We started in Oslo and then drove down to Copenhagen, via Gothenburg, for a long weekend before coming back up to Oslo. It was a lot of fun! I wish I could remember the "Dad-isms". I should have written them down! I will try to think of them for the next post.

We had them in our little 44 m/sq apartment, so it was definitely pretty tight with the four of us, but we all share hotel rooms when we were on our little roadtrip anyways, so it we got used to it fast. When they left, though, it seemed so quiet.

When they arrived we quickly got them into the Oslo experience with a visit to the famous sculpture park, Vigelandsparken.

A walk is the best cure after travelling.
The next day Marius went to the office and we went to the Viking Ship museum. But Marius caught up with us in time for the Kon Tiki museum. I highly recommend both of those!
Next to the biggest of the 3 ships in the museum.
The Kon Tiki
We made sure to hit all the highlights of Oslo! And we had perfect weather for a walking tour, which included: the opera house, fortress and downtown Oslo
In front of the Oslo Opera House
Tron and Rigmor had all of us over for a great halibut dinner, and the next day we were ready to drive south. Crossing boarders isn't as exciting as you'd expect considering we are crossing international boarders. There isn't even a "Welcome to Sweden" sign. Our first stop was Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. I set much higher expectations for this city, and I was disappointed there wasn't much to do there besides walk around (unless you were there for the amusement park).
Smiling faces all around
The "Fish Church" (fish market) on the canal

The next morning we got up and continued our drive through Sweden. Three hours of Swedish farms later, we approached the bridge into Denmark!
Øresund Bridge
...nope, no exciting "Welcome to Denmark" signs here either. But, YAY! Copenhagen!

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