Recently in Oslo

Not much news over here, but it has been a while since the last post. I have been taking care of Kajsa (the dog) at least 3 days a week and training for my fall marathon. 

Last Saturday I ran the farthest I have ever gone in my life - 25 km (15.5 miles)! It was rough. My knee started to hurt on the way back. My long runs are "out and back", up along the river in Oslo up to the lake where Oslo gets its drinking water (Maridalsvann). I ran up 12.5 kms in a slow hour and 10 minutes before turning around. 

It felt good to be done. I was tired. My legs were tired. That run made me question how I'll be able to do 42 kilometers 11 weeks from now. We will see. 


Sunday was fun. The American Coordinating Council of Norway put on an Independence Day gathering in Frogner Park. There was a classic car show with maybe 15 cars (4 of which were Ford mustangs) and a handful of food booths with American style food, of course. I was also able to re-register to vote with the Democrats Abroad group (Republicans abroad also had a table). It was a mixture of Americans and Norwegians, and most of the Americans seemed more Norwegian than American. I asked a few what brought them to Norway and they all replied the same thing - their significant other is Norwegian. 

Afterwards, we went to Ekeberg Park on the opposite side of the city. The park is mainly forest and this year some sculptures have been placed around the park. One of my favorites was a bronze lady squatting and peeing - an alternative fountain. We have to take Mom and Dad around there to see the rest of the sculptures we didn't get to see. 

The same rock - awesome optical illusion by the artist

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