Nordland part 1

Marius and I took a flight at 6:30 am from Oslo to visit the Hansen side of the family for the week. We flew to Bodø via Tromsø, and then took the ferry from Bodø to Vågaholmen. 12 hours of travel later, we arrived to the summer house, Gjelvågan. It was also Rigmor's birthday!

Of course the first three days were full of activity. I was so worn out, so, lucky for me, today is a "free day". Clear blue sky and temps in the upper 70s - low 80s (quite warm for here since the sun is very strong). Marius and Tron are working on a set of stairs to make it easier to get to and from the boat, Rigmor is preparing for Saturday's big party and I'm working on job applications and will snorkel.

Saturday went by very fast. I don't even really remember what we did. We bought some groceries, picked up the boat from the pier and visited some family on the way. I ran 27 kms (approx. 17 miles) - fantastic long run. And afterwards I took an ice bath in the sea. We rounded out the day with a game of cards in the gazebo (lysthus) and a beautiful sunset just before midnight.

Sunday morning Marius and I put on wet suits and went snorkeling. It was FREEZING! We took the GoPro and have some nice video that I'll try to edit later. We also went to the conclusion of Tjongsfjord Festival. There is a small museum and cafe where Marius' younger cousin Jens Martin works. There's so many Hansens up here, it is likely that they are relatives of Marius.

Monday was another action-packed day. We hiked up Rødøyløven (The Red Island Lion), 600 m above sea level. Very hot, windless day - thus we were prime meat for flies and "klegg" (translates to horsefly, but they seem like a different species here). It was steep at the top and I was a little nervous. When we got to the bottom we enjoyed cold Nordlands beer and dinner at Klokkegården - a renovated building decorated with Norwegian antiques. On the way back from the island we stoppped at the fishing spot where two years before we had caught the monster cod with Mom and Dad. This time we weren't so quick. We had to be patient. Eventually we caught two cod (Tron and Marius each caught one) - not so big, but not too small either. Cod will be dinner the next two nights! Later that night I saw a sea otter just outside our little cove. Wish it had been closer to get a good picture.

[Hiked to the top!]

[One of 2 cod]

[Feeding the birds]

[Can't get enough sunset pictures up here]

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