Jeju Samdasoo Commercial

Back in February I was contacted by Cheil Worldwide, an advertising agency, about using a clip from one of the videos I made from my underwater adventures for a bottled water commercial in South Korea.

We weren't sure whether this was a scam or the real deal. Mom was convinced it must be a scam, and Marius was also skeptical. For a couple valid reasons:

  1. How would they find my video among the thousands of others on the internet?
  2. They couldn't send a check and Pay-Pal was "unstable" in Korea, so they would have to do a bank transfer...a little strange for Americans since we live in the 1950s and still use checks when the rest of the developed world doesn't.

I felt confident after a series of email exchanges that this was the real deal. I was offered $300 for 2 seconds of footage that I took while snorkeling in Mexico. The footage will be aired for 6 months.

And ta da! Here you have it. The commercial for jeju samdasoo bottled water in Korea. I tried to see where my clip ended up, but they just flash through it, so I know it's somewhere in the 7th second because they paid me to use it. It's a fraction of a second, but I think I saw it! Haha! It seems like when you are at a pro-sports event and your family is watching at home trying to see you in the crowd. Still pretty darn neat! I hope more of these sorts of deals happen when I make my next GoPro video compilation. Marius and I have created a "travel" fund, and the money went there for safekeeping when we book our flight to the US for Christmas.

To see the exact clip that was purchased, see seconds 0:46-0:48 on my "Mexico Underwater" video on (see link on the lefthand side of the page).

UPDATE: Marius got the video to stop at the exact place from my clip...see image below.

Yup...that's it

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