God Påske!

First:: If you are curious, see my updated previous post. Marius got a picture of the tiny clip used for the commercial. 

[Gorgeous sky]
That time of year has come around again, and of course we are at the cabin in Synnfjell for some mountain life. Grandma was with us this time, but Katrine (Marius' sister) is in southeast Asia for a class trip/mini vacation. I've only gone skiing twice this week because my half-marathon in Bergen is on Saturday the 26th, and I want to make sure I'm in running form. Every day Rigmor and Tron ask Grandma (87 years old and previously broken hip) if she would like to go skiing with us. I'm glad to say that she hasn't put on the skis.

Marius and I drove up on Monday evening - and I did the driving! I need to get the feel back for driving a manual. I'm included on Marius' car insurance now that I am 25. Tuesday we went on the usual loop called "Seterrunden" - or "summer farm loop". A seter is a farm occupied in the summertime when farmers bring their livestock up to the mountains to eat the mountain grass. It's usually a relaxing loop, but you can see there is a bit of hill climbing involved.

The next two days I decided to run. Wednesday the weather wasn't optimal for skiing, but that still didn't stop the Engebrethsens. They are skiing machines! Thursday I ran again...wasn't exactly feeling up to skiing yet, but Friday the weather was perfect for a long trip. We went over "That Damn Mountain", which got the best of me in 2012 when I just came down with pneumonia, and the visibility conditions were very bad. This year that mountain took me out on one of the back slopes that was a difficult to plow down. Had a good wipe out and gave all the other skiers a good show!

I should have taken some pictures of our dinner from Saturday night. We had lamb for the night before Easter Sunday - or for the Norwegians "Påskeaften". They put more emphasis on both Christmas Eve and Easter Eve (?). Definitely a different set of traditions. One year I need to get an egg coloring kit so that I can have us all color eggs and do an egg hunt.

[The Engebrethsen ski team]

[Nice weather for the last trip]

[Typical breakfast in Norway - the egg has a face on it for Easter though]
[Teaching me how to prepare skis]

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