Snorkeling and Diving in Playa del Carmen

2014 was kicked off with a snorkel trip with Marius, his parents and his sister (Katrine), followed by a 2-dive scuba trip with Katrine the next day. The visibility was awesome and the variety of marine life that I had not yet seen in the wild was remarkable! 

[One of the best pictures from the GoPro]


Marius was supposed to go diving with us, but he woke up feeling ill. Katrine and I had two dives. The first one was around 19 m depth at an area called Tortugas. In the first five minutes once we had descended, we spotted two bull sharks! There were also multiple sea turtles; I think they were hawksbill or green sea turtles. I couldn't see the difference. Green and spotted moray eels were also a highlight! The second dive was around 12 m, much more shallow, and mainly reef fish and sea turtles. Spotted a few lion fish - invasive and poisonous!

After the dive I bought the video that the dive shop's videographer made, but I have uploaded my footage from my GoPro camera on Vimeo ( click here to see the film ). Awesome experience diving in Playa!

[Diving with Katrine]

[Just saw some turtles!]

More posts about Christmas in Mexico are on the way!

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