So, it's been a long time since I last posted. In November Marius and I were trying to sort out my visa when we found out that since my student visa expired, I was supposed to be back in the US for a 90 day "quarantine period". It came as a big shock and surprise. I arrived in time for Thanksgiving in Connecticut - my first Thanksgiving stateside since 2008!

I'm spending most of my time at home searching for a job. I had an interview on Thanksgiving day with a lab in Bergen, and they ended up choosing me for the position; however, they had to change their mind a couple of days later because of my visa situation. It was upsetting, but at least now I know I can land a job!

Even though I wasn't home for Christmas time I got to help pick out our tree (which was from Home Depot this year) and be with Mom for her birthday. I went to Mexico for 20 days with Marius' family for Christmas time...will post about that after.

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