Portugal: Lagos

For my Christmas present, Marius bought us a trip to Portugal and my place in the Lisboa Meia Maratona (Lisbon Half-Marathon). We left on the 25th from Oslo, bright and early, with a layover in Brussels. When we landed in Lisbon it was a comfortable 16 degrees C (61 F = a normal Norwegian summer day), and the locals were saying "This weather, it's terrible!" 

[Sines - a little south of Lisbon]
We rented a Fiat pretty cheap and drove south for Lagos, in the Algarve region of southern coastal Portugal. We aimed for the scenic coastal road, but we got a little confused due to the lack of road signs and decided to just take the easy way down since there was no light to see the view anyways. The Portuguese drive at an insane speed compared to the Norwegian speed limits. The speed limit driving on the highway in Portugal was 120 kph (75 mph)...very fast when the speed limit on the biggest main road we usually drive on in Bergen is comparable to a snail at 70 kph (44 mph).

[Postcard selection in Lagos]
We got in fairly late to our hotel in Lagos. It was 45 euros a night at Clubo de Porto Mos. They had several pools, comfortable rooms, and walking distance from restaurants and the beach, their own restaurant. We did not use the pool that was outside our room, but there was a larger pool by the reception (that was colder than the ocean), as well as an indoor heated pool. We stayed for 2 nights hoping to get to do some scuba diving. Their sister hotel had a dive center, and we called the guy there twice each day to double check that the conditions really weren't good for diving. The waves were just too big. Next time. We still got to see the area around Lagos and take in some nature. The Ponta da Piedade was a highlight for taking some pictures and a little walk. There was also a little bit to see in the city area of Lagos, but it was obvious that this city was more lively in the summertime than in early spring. 

[Testing out the GoPro in the ocean]
Even though I didn't get to dive, I did manage to get into the ocean. Marius and I bought the GoPro Hero3 Silver edition HD camera, which was intended to be used for diving. I wasn't about to leave Lagos without testing out the camera in the water. The morning we checked out of the hotel, I put on my swimsuit, we went down to the beach, and I ran for the water. The camera does awesome video, so I can't wait to try it out the next opportunity I get to go diving. If there is one thing I really wish I got to do while in Portugal, it was scuba diving.

Next stop on our trip: Beja, Portel, and Evora.

[At Ponta da Piedade]

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