Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On the menu: Irish soda bread, Guinness, Shepherd's/Cottage pie, fries...did I mention Guinness? Oh, and that I found 500,- kroner on the way home yesterday? Lucky Irish genes!

[Irish soda bread]

[Shepherd's/Cottage Pie and Guinness]

Horrible way to throw off our diet right before our trip to Portugal, but we like having reasons to eat a big meal here. We bought the GoPro Hero3 HD video camera last week, and I'm really excited to pick it up from the post office tomorrow and see how it works. We are hoping to do some scuba diving while we're in Lagos (southern Portugal), and I'm hoping to get some good video of us diving to make a short movie from the trip. Just 6 more days til my half marathon! I'm really excited! I've been training really hard, so I'm sure I can beat last September's time of 2 hrs 7 minutes. The weather forecast looks great so far for race day!

Right when we get back from Portugal, we are driving up to the Engebrethsen's cabin at Synnfjell for some Easter skiing. However, I'll have to spend a lot of the "relaxing" time on my thesis because the stress has kicked in already. I can't believe in just a couple of months I will be all finished with school! Also, happy to report that April 8th I will begin working in a guppy lab helping with guppy harvesting, tank cleaning, and whatever else we're supposed to do. I don't really know everything that I'll be doing, but my friend Maria is currently working there and she says it's pretty neat.

See you after Easter!

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