New Year, New Goals

This year has been great but now I'm ready for more! Bring on 2013!!

I got a great new pair of running shoes and a water tight jacket for rain running. And those shoes didn't come from Santa (Rigmor & Tron) for nothin'! Marius and I will go to Lisbon at the end of March and I'm signed up for the Lisbon Half Marathon.

I also got a blender (from Bestemor Odny) to fuel up for my runs with smoothies (out of the Sparkpeople cookbook from Marius). The slippers from Mom and Dad are super comfy for post-run relaxing...not to mention I'll wear my 'made in Detroit' shirt on race day! Maybe this year with all of the yarn I have I can actually make that raglan sweater!

I am looking forward to submitting my thesis and finding a job. Let's hope that 2013 brings good news on the job front!

[My sweet new shoes for winter running - now the snow needs to come back]

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