Tour of Norway (Part 2)

 Tron and Rigmor took us on a trip to the Lofoten Islands, and luck was on our side! We had clear, blue skies all three days while we explored Svolvær, Henningsvær, Nusfjord and Reine. The accommodation was amazing and a real treat!
[Dried fish was a common site and smell in Lofoten]

[Cooking burgers and hotdogs in Trondheim]
The trip back south began with an overnight in Trondheim again, and then a day spent in the city and the cathedral was the highlight! Following Trondheim, we swung down to Ålesund - great city for architecture buffs, and the museum was worth going to. Lucky on the weather again!! No rain during the day!

[4 people living out of a car = constant repacking]
 Following Ålesund was the famous Trollveggen and Trollstigen (the Troll wall and road). The landscape was spectacular and a great entry into Geirangerfjord. In Geiranger we went on a fjord cruise and took a hike up to a waterfall. However, we were not very impressed with the heavy tourism into the fjord (3-4 massive cruise ships) nor the related pollution.

[Some of Ålesund survived the great fire of 1904]

[Caution: trolls]

[At the top of Trollstigen]
[What a great driver!]
[Picnics were daily]
[Marius found his people]
[Geirangerfjord - UNESCO World Heritage Site]
We arrived back to Bergen with three days to cram in the museums- and we did! Mom and Dad headed back to MI quite worn out, but having seen almost all of the best of Norway! We were very glad they were able to come all this way and make great memories with us.

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