A tour of Norway in 3 weeks (Part 1)

Mom and Dad came to visit Norway on August 3rd - "No luggage, no status..." upon arrival to Bergen. So for two days they explored some of Bergen in hopes of news of their suitcases by Sunday so that we could begin our adventure. Sure enough, Sunday afternoon, the next flight in from Iceland had landed with their luggage and the tour of Norway began.

Our first night we stayed in Geilo, where Marius' company has a condo. The first hike of the trip was the next day with a trip up behind Prestholtsetter, where Marius and I had skied earlier this year. The trail was being worked on by Nepalese Sherpas, and at the bottom we enjoyed some rommegrøt just in time to dodge the rain.

[Gjelvågan summer home]
The next afternoon we set out for Synnfjell (the Engebrethsen's winter cabin) for an overnight, then continued on to Trondheim. We camped at a town called Levanger, just north of Trondheim. Each day we were fearing the rain, but we were really lucky and did not have any until the very end of the trip!! We finally finished our way north and stayed with the Engebrethsens at their summer home in a remote area of Nordland, somewhere between Mo i Rana and Bodø, called Gjelvågan. They are the only house in that area, with a nice beach, gazebo ("lysthus"), kayaks and a boat.
[Starting the hike up Bolga]

[Sunset at Gjelvågan]
Hike number two was up a mountain on the island of Bolga. The day was completed with 3 minutes of fishing for an 11.5 kg cod using a handline. It was hysterical! That cod made three meals for 7 people.

[3 minutes + 1 handline = a HUGE cod for dinner!]

[The group and our cod]
[Polarbear plunge]
[A hike to Svartisen - Norway's 2nd largest glacier]
[Fording the glacial river]
[Kayaking with Mom at Gjelvågan]

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