World Conference of Maritime and Fisheries 2012

This week I received an email from a woman in China who was recruiting speakers for BIT's 1st Annual Conference of Maritime and Fisheries (2012), held in Dalian, China this September. The theme is "Treasured Seafood, Innovation and Sustainability."

I was pretty excited that I got such an email in my inbox at the IMR (even though my office-mate told me that he got the same email and didn't even read it). I think they were trying to get more representatives from the IMR to present research for the conference. It seemed like a neat opportunity, but I still have the ICES conference (during the exact same time) to look forward to, and my supervisors want me to go to that one and possibly share my research.

It seems like I am in a good environment to make good contacts bot nationally and internationally for my future career, and that's a pretty good feeling!

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