Skihelg på Geilo

 [The beginning of the trails were often only ice, so I relied heavily on Klister to make my skis stick!]

This past weekend we went skiing in Geilo where Marius' work has a condo right by the ski slopes. Both Saturday (to Prestholtseter and back) and Sunday (to Vestreim and back) we managed to ski at least 12 kilometers (return). The snow was quite hard and icy, but Saturday we got some snow falling and Sunday was pure sunshine! Sadly, St. Patrick's Day isn't really a big thing over here, but I still enjoyed a Guinness and listened to Irish music on Saturday.
 [Occasional sun and snowflakes makes a happy skiing Justine]
 [Enjoying an expensive hot cocoa at Prestholtseter just to sit inside the cabin]
 [Look out for falling skiers!]
 [Sunny Sunday ski!]
[Sunbathing at Vestreim]

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