Gomme was one of my favorite things last Christmas with Marius' family. Marius' mother copied her recipe (all in Norwegian) for me and I translated it. I have had a lot of first attempts with cooking different things this fall: pumpkin pie from scratch with a butternut squash, cranberry wallnut bread, and now gomme and fiskesuppe. It turned out OK, but I know what I did wrong, so we'll have to have another couple of practice rounds before sharing it with the rest of the family. 

Tonight for the rest of Mom's birthday, I will make fiskesuppe for dinner and riskrem for dessert. She probably already guessed it, but Marius sent her a bottle of Aquavit for her birthday too. 

[Preparing the gomme - you boil milk and then add buttermilk to use the møsse (or curds), and add cardemom, raisins, milk]

[Gomme and rolls - the cardemom cost $11!!]

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