The Christmas season has begun! Marius and I put up decorations last weekend, but they're only on the Christmasy red wall side of the living it's time to turn up the spirit and complete the rest of the living room. Today I made a massive gingerbread house with Maria and Birgitte. They started at 2pm, and I didn't arrive til close to 4pm. We were finally finished with the baking, construction and decorating at 9:30pm. I'm looking forward to taking it apart and eating it in a couple weeks to celebrate the end of exams.

[Maria used close to 2kgs of flour to make the dough for 3 houses and lots of extra cookies!]
[My house put together - Lots of sugar to hold the puzzle together]
[Our finished products! Mine is the one on the left, Maria's is the very professional one in the middle - you can tell she has done this a few times.]
[After tricky transportation back home (on the bus and walking against gusting wind) and set up by the decorations]

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