The Running Project II

I have now run about 350ish kilometers. That takes brings me to New Plymouth.

It is home to Mt. Taranaki, which can be seen from the plane as you fly from Auckland to Queenstown on a clear day. When Marius came to visit me in January 2010, we climbed up to the 2,518m high mountain (one of the most spherical volcanic cones in the world)...not all the way to the top though. We had a steep 1.5 hr hike up the mountain when we were then stopped by the chilly breeze and clouds that encircled us. It was indeed a great walk!

Remember, Marius, "this is a REAL mountain!"

If you are in the area, I recommend a hike to the translator tower on Mt. Taranaki. The view is great (when the clouds are gone) and it really shows you how good of shape you are in. Marius and I then camped at a local holiday park, walking distance from the city center.

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