Da Big UP Deal

Proud to say that 10 years and $58 million later, Michigan will protect 271,000 acres of land from development in the upper peninsula with the 'Big UP Deal'. This connects and protects nearly 2 million acres of wilderness in da yoop. So how does this relate to a New Zealand context? 10 years ago New Zealand told countries in Copenhagen that it will have 10% of its coastline divided into no-take Marine Protected Areas by 2010. They have yet to accomplish this because of a fight back from the public that wants to continue fishing in certain areas that are subject to no-take zoning. Goat Island was the first no-take marine reserve in the world. Where are we now? Certainly not 10% of the coastline and 2011 is fast approaching. Time for Kiwis to learn from Michigan and lead the way in no-take marine reserves and show the world that an ecosystem can certainly fight back under this management plan.

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