The start of my last year in NZ

I now have 11 months until I finish my degree at the University of Auckland. This year will be full of marine biology studies. I'm taking fish biology, ecological physiology, dynamics of marine systems, and adaptive design. Fish biology is my favorite course so far, but my ecological physiology lab was really interesting, since I got to dissect two different marine fish (a mullet - 38cm; and a trevally - 43cm).

I'm very excited for my mom to visit in November. The first day I'll give her the Auckland tour and she got us booked to do the world renowned Milford Track! It's going to be a great visit, and I'm really looking forward to it.

It is really raining hard outside and the scaffolding outside of our building sounds like it's taking a beating. Is this an unseasonal tropical storm or something?

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