One Week Later

So as of today (February 28, 2009), I have been in New Zealand for a week! I'm loving it here. My hosts are great, I love walking everywhere, I'm making more friends, and I'm getting to know downtown Auckland fairly well.

Thursday night was "Pub Night" for the international students at the Uni at the Globe Bar downtown. I bumped into a fellow American on my way there; Hunter from Winston-Salem, NC. There were a few little competitions for prizes and one featured dressing up to represent your country. Americans took bronze and gold and a Brazilian girl took silver. The guy who won first place turned out not even being an American but he fooled all of us in his cowboy outfit. I made a few friends there as well who are from the UK, the Neatherlands, and Germany.

Today is Saturday, 12:28PM local time. Starting last night we began getting leftover weather from a cyclone. We had rain last night and there's wind gusts up to 120 km/h. The weather report said it is supposed to be over later this afternoon and have a good day tomorrow.

This is a picture of a little fountain/park in central city.

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