Mackerel survey 2017

July 5th til August 6th I was aboard F/V Kings Bay to take part in the annual summer mackerel survey in the Norwegian Sea. I was dreading being out for nearly 5 weeks, but in the end I left with some very close friends and lots of memories. This survey was definitely one of a kind this year!

Beautiful sunrise at 3:30 in the morning. Calm, peaceful seas.

Deploying the plankton net

Figuring out how to best release the shark

Dogfish among mackerel

Relaxing in the homemade hammock as we approach Stokmarknes to change out crew

Hiking in Stokmarknes

Identifying zooplankton

Sailing around Jan Mayen

North of Jan Mayen, but it's still visible in the distance.

As we got closer to the Barents Sea, we caught a lot of young fish. A good sign for cod and haddock stocks!

After 32 days, we see Tromsø and the end of this year's mackerel survey

I always take a hike up Fløya when I arrive to Tromsø after a survey. It helps me decompress and get used to being on land after weeks at sea.

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