Happy Easter

On Wednesday I joined Marius, Pancho, Rigmor, Tron and Katrine at the cabin for typical Norwegian Easter festivities: skiing, lots of eating and more skiing. We don't have typical Easter weather (warm and sunshine), rather we have been getting more snow and it is a chilly 15 degrees C.

Mom and Dad have given me a couple of my own Easter traditions: listening to Handel's Messiah and eventually watching Life of Brian.

Katrine treated us to some Icelandic Easter candy (a large chocolate egg filled with chocolate and licorice) and Icelandic white ale. We hunted for our Easter egg yesterday which Tron really enjoyed. It's a scavenger hunt of sorts and the egg is filled with candy.

Pancho has been getting plenty of exercise, attention and sleep.

Struggling with snow sticking to our skis.
We chose the wrong wax.

Pancho rolling in the snow 

Sleepy puppy

More struggle with the snow conditions 

Marius preparing his skis

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