Bergen bound

After 6 days at sea, I'm headed to Bergen. I'm currently on the ferry from Ornøy to Bodø. I should probably have brought my computer so that I could show it on the map.

This morning I helped with one last sample before packing up my bags. I was given a life suit (see picture below) because I was to be transported using the life boat to get to Træna, where I took the first ferry. It is always a new experience when I go off on surveys, and this gave me flashbacks to my very first sea excursion with the IMR.

I hopped on the boat and held on tight as we drove quite fast to the island. When I got on the pier I took off the life suit and waited for my ferry on Træna.

The ferry ride is going to take 5 1/2 hours in total with a boat change at Ornøy, and finally arriving in Bodø at 8:15pm. Tomorrow morning I will fly to Bergen and then on Wednesday we are bound for New Zealand! This week will be so long with travel, but at least it includes a vacation.

Young mackerel - probably a year old

Spawning herring - lots of eggs and sperm

Valeriya snapped a picture of me taking scales that we use to age the herring.

Preparing to be sent to Træna

Short stop on Træna before I get to Bodø tonight 
See me in the orange? Haha they were determined to get me home safe!

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