Day 2 | Much better day

Today I woke up for breakfast a little before 7:30 and felt much better. No headache. I was glad to not have to worry about going to the hospital to check on my head
! We were told that the fishermen needed to fill their quota first and then they could deliver fish to us. In the meantime, we took the sailboat to another dock to fill up our water tank. None of us have had a shower since Wednesday! Definitely like camping on board, but pretty cool and different.

Since the sky was clear it started to get light by 9AM. We had daylight until 2:30PM. We did not see any whales today, but I have seen some weak northern lights. I'm hoping that they will get stronger.

My primary task this cruise has been releasing the fish after they were tagged. All the tasks are equally monotonous, but not bad. The fish are held in a net pen until we are finished tagging for the day. This is so that if any don't survive the tagging process we can pluck them out and reuse the tag.

It's quite hard work on this excursion compared to previous ones. We don't have machines to lift the catch or nets, so we are doing it all by hand. I'm pretty sore, but it's nice to have some physical activity!

Tomorrow the weather is predicted to be fine, but Sunday is expected to be relatively high winds and rain/snow, so we won't be tagging that day. We'll likely be tied up to a dock and be allowed to go for a hike or walk.

[The platforms we are working from and the boat providing us electricity - our sailboat not pictured]

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