What my friends from around the world are saying about the election

I have made friends from all over the world, and their voices on facebook were that of fear, despair and shock. I thought I'd share here what they all said this morning when we woke up to the disturbing news.

..Norwegians are just telling me to look forward to Christmas and just stay in Norway a little longer haha!

New Zealand
Disappointed and gutted.... feel like getting into a huddle, In need a pep talk

2016 -The year where people made decisions and woke up to regret them the next day.

Oh shit America...

I can't sit by silently. I'm devastated, like so many of my colleagues. That in this day and age: lying, corruption, sexism, racism and so many other things can be seen as okay. Its 2016 for heavens sake!

This election thing is getting scary very quickly.

It's times like these, we can truely appreciate living in little New Zealand. The nightmare is becoming reality......

Well when he ignores Climate Change Florida will be first to go.

Am thinking there may be a business opportunity for nuclear bunkers in NZ. PM me if you are interested in investing.  ðŸ˜ž

Trump announces he is running for president, the world chuckles.
Trump wins the republic nomination, the world laughs.
Trump wins the American presidential race. The world is now in hysterics.
On ya 'merica. You just became the laughing stock of the world

Is it time to start panicking?


Burkina Faso
No. This is not Donald Trump, pussy-graber, fat-shamer, woman disrespecting, privileged from birth, racist Donald Trump on my TV delivering a victory speech.
Someone wake me up.

Very concerned at the moment... But thoroughly enjoying #meanwhileincanada

Grøss og gru, trøste og bære. ("Chilling and horror," - not sure about second 1/2 translation)

Dette er en syk syk verden. Lykke til USA ("This is a sick world. Good luck, USA”)

Lå lenge i kortene at det kom til å bli Trump som ble President..("Lay long in the cards that came to be Trump who was President"-direct translation)

Well USA, you failed your IQ-test. But then again, you are the country that manage to have the Kardashians as one of your idols.... Canada should really consider building a wall. And we in Norway need to have a debate reconsidering having US soldiers stationed here. I was sure you guys reached bottom with Bush Jr., but I guess not....


The phrase "more dangerous than a monkey with a machine gun" was never as real as now

I guess I'm staying here for a while.

Are you f........nuts!?!

Lost for words... Beware of the Trumpeltier

#Blacktuesday IQ test failed America!

In Nagasaki - will put my small german flag on my jacket to not get mixed up as US american and will have a wine at the Peace Monument...

"I would bomb the SHIT out of 'em!"

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